In recent years, our qualified staff have gathered experience at mostly multinational companies, often abroad. Therefore, we are entirely familiar with Western European work culture or the concept of world-class quality.

In our production processes, we expect the same precision from our colleagues which they are already accustomed to, but all this with the burden of even greater responsibility. In addition to the familiar atmosphere, our company finds more autonomous and constructive thinking and attitude important also because of its relatively small number of employees.

Naturally, we provide the possibility for our co-workers for learning, since continuous development is mutually beneficial and important for both parties. In addition, they can become familiar with new technologies, software, and work processes  in our in-house training.

In developing the working environment, we took into consideration, besides our own ideas, the guidelines of the 5S method.

On our site, we also provide practical training as our future is in the hands of the young people.

Since in recent years, the presence of major and significant companies has considerably diminished in our surroundings due to processes of world economy, there are fewer opportunities left for experts living nearby for organized, meaningful employment. We feel that for this reason we need to make every effort to develop and preserve the existing industrial culture.