Manufacturing products is one thing. Manufacturing consistently high-quality products, however, is quite another.

The only way to consistently earn the trust of our customers is to keep the quality of our products equally consistent. The experts at EASTURN are all well aware of this, which is why we give special attention to our Quality Assurance department. Our goal is to produce consistently high-quality products… on time!

Our instrument room is equipped with a Mitutoyo 3D coordinate-measuring machine, as well as an Optical-Digital imaging equipment. The latter can also perform contour measuring. In addition to performing measurements with regularly calibrated manual instruments, we also use the measuring machines in the testing process, both as a complement of the manual devices, and as a way to enhance the quality of our measurements. Mitutoyo has provided our colleagues with training on several occasions, and using the measuring machines has since become a part of their daily routine. In addition to our many general measuring instruments, we also have a surface roughness tester and a coating thickness gauge, both of which are also used for technological measuring tasks on a daily basis. Our colleagues responsible for Quality Management have also received “Internal Auditor” training, and work to ensure that our control processes work in a controlled and traceable fashion.

Our available measuring instruments:

• Mitutoyo 3D coordinate-measuring machine

• Mitutoyo Quick Image Digital Image Processing System

• Mitutoyo Surface Roughness Tester

• Regularly calibrated set of gauge blocks

• Digital and analogue calipers

• Digital and analogue micrometers

• Bore and thread gauges

• Try squares, engineer’s squares, edge rulers

• Angle gauges and measuring gauges

• Coating thickness gauge

• Counting scales

• Ring gauges and adjusting rings

• Digital microscope

• The measuring accuracy of our instruments is 2 microns


We remove the burden of testing from our clients. We not only provide accurate, clean, perfect quality parts, but we also include a measurement report with our deliveries.