EASTURN Hungary is committed to environmental protection and reducing the emission of harmful substances. In our production we strive for minimal material usage and minimum load on the environment. All our employees unquestionably endeavour to adhere to the principles set out in our environmental policy.

Our company financed the investments necessary for its operation and start-up from the private capital of its owners and has not used any state or other support. This also means that we could by no means afford any unnecessary or ill-considered investment. Necessary innovation is always preceded by thorough cost and value analysis, thereby minimizing our expenses as well as the ecological footprint of our organization. Our waste management is documented in accordance with the ISO 14001:2005 standard that is fully compliant with EU Directives.

Our manufacturing processes follow and comply with the provisions of the relevant directives (RoHS, REACH) of the European Union whenever necessary.

Traceability of our products – from prototyping to the delivered series – is solved. Currently, we are working on the introduction of a unique marking system.



Declaration of Comformity - HUN
Declaration of Comformity - ENG
ISO certification - HUN
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