EASTURN Hungary VAT: HU24947677
Address: 4800 Hungary, Vásárosnamény Árpád út 22.
Phone numbers  
Hungarian: +36 45 470 005
English: +36 70/216-3680
German: +36 30/228-6000

Phone number of our office in Nyíregyháza:

+36 42 790 827
E-mail: info@easturn.hu
Web: www.easturn.hu
Web: www.easturn.com


How to find us:

Our company is located at the end of the M3 motorway, in Vásárosnamény, 1 km from the town centre, next to the main road and an industrial siding.


If you are interested, please contact us at our e-mail address or use the embedded information module. For our job offers, see the “Careers” section. Our existing partners can write to the e-mail address of their contact person.

If you are an old partner or an ex-colleague or a friend of ours,
please feel free to like us on Facebook.



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+36 70 / 216-3680